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7- VINDICATED: animals anxiety re-monitored as ELECTRIC quake precursor!!! NEXT STEP: Laser Earth Shields!

Psychic animals recruited to help predict ELECTRIC earthquakes

Seismologists in Nanjing, the capital of eastern Jiangsu province, have set up seven observation centres at zoos and animal parks in the region. Prof. Ikeya quake forecasting experiments:

Ikeya tables eng


Glacier on Mount St. Helens is growing… As is happening in Antarctica (90% of the Earth’s ice), and elsewhere…

Volcanic activity worldwide 5 Jul 2015: Pacaya volcano, Fuego, Dukono, Tungurahua, Batu Tara, Raung,…

Raung volcano (East Java, Indonesia): strombolian eruption intensifies, ash plumes

Batu Tara volcano (Flores Sea, Indonesia): intense activity, pyroclastic flows

Severe freezing forecast for High Andes in Peru

“The event seems to be the worst not only this year but also the most significant in human memory in Peru”…

AVERTABLE, electro-volcanically induced severe rainfall brings floods and landslides to Bangladesh: 200 000 affected, 19 people dead


..including an electro-volcanic glacial, a global radiogenocide, a magnetic pole reversal!space super-storm to REPEL-GP
Last extinction event happened with Toba mega-eruption, around 70,000 years ago. Last time there was a huge geomagnetic super-storm in 1859, when there was none of the hundreds of unshielded nuclear reactors… We do not know yet when there’ll be the next one, and we could have been ready long ago! Let’s START NOW!!!

The Tunguska event.

imagesIt was June 17, 1908, when an explosion occured near the Podkamennaya Tunguska river. The blast was equivalent to 10 to 15 megatons of TNT (or 1000 times that of Hiroshima) affected an area of over 2150 square kilometers (830 sq. miles). This event was accompanied by a Richter 5 earthquake and is known as the Tunguska explosion in Siberia. No fragments that exclusively belong to a comet or meteorite have ever been found.

Description of the event and any fragments do fit an electric discharge between the planets.

This could be, since a new theory indicates that values of ZPE (Zero point energy) were lower. Lower ZPE, means that plasma spheres of planets are much larger and can overlap sometimes. This overlapping gives the mean to electrical discharge between planets!!!!

More to come soon….


Most diseases correlate to Earth’s electric charge from space! How about SHIELDING???

Abstract 1

Influences of solar and geomagnetic activity on health status of people with various nosological forms of diseases

Statistical analysis of correlation between heliogeophysical factors and a symptom of the various forms of diseases (based on statistical data on disease of the personnel of Irkutsk Scientific Centre, RAS) has been studied. It is shown that geomagnetic storms influence vegetative regulation of a cardiac rhythm and vascular tone. The most serious consequences of such influence can mainly be observed in the persons suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system (consequences of myocardium attack, brain strokes, cardiac rhythm disorders); being in a condition of additional stress, mainly with vegetovascular and hypertensic crises; having mental diseases; and subject to aggravations of general diseases (chronic inflammatory diseases of gynecological, musculoskeletal, urinary excretory, bronchopulmonary systems, and systems of digestive organs).

Researchers correlate rheumatoid arthritis and giant cell arteritis with solar cycles

From the DOE/Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

What began as a chat between husband and wife has evolved into an intriguing scientific discovery. The results, published in May in BMJ (formerly British Medical Journal) Open, show a “highly significant” correlation between periodic solar storms and incidences of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and giant cell arteritis (GCA), two potentially debilitating autoimmune diseases. The findings by a rare collaboration of physicists and medical researchers suggest a relationship between the solar outbursts and the incidence of these diseases that could lead to preventive measures if a causal link can be established. Continue reading Most diseases correlate to Earth’s electric charge from space! How about SHIELDING???

Tesla towers to be restarted!!


A Soviet-made huge generator that once served to aircraft  endurance tests on lightning, but now mothballed due to prohibitive costs, again triggered a demonstration test for the Russian news agency RT.

The 6-megavolt generator, one of the strongest in the world, able to produce lightning length of 200 meters and was built in the 1970s outside Moscow, but fell into disuse after the collapse of the USSR.

Scientists, many of whom have spent decades in the establishment retain the hope that soon will be other shows, not only in a tower, but all together, saying enthusiastically that if indeed this is done will be something amazing.