4- UNSHIELDED active volcanoes, raised clouding-cooling and threaten humankind with a new, but still AVERTABLE, GLACIAL!



DEMAND Laser Shielding Humankind!!! 

To be left unshielded? http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2016/09/08/alert-status-of-mayon-volcano-raised-big-eruption-possible-philippines/

Eruption of their hate for Laser-plasma shielding active craters & AVERTING a new glacial http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2016/09/07/klyuchevskoy-erupts-spewing-ash-up-to-11-2-km-a-s-l-aviation-colour-code-raised-to-red/

ΝΟ laser-plasma repulse yet! http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2016/09/06/asteroid-2016-rb1-to-fly-by-earth-at-0-1-ld-on-september-7/

Asteroid 2016 RB1 to flyby Earth at 0.1 LD on September 7, 2016 

Argentina – Teachers trapped in snow for 36 hours


Call to ‘Cease tax-funded climate tourism’ – UN has ‘been ringmaster to a troupe of thousands at massive annual conferences held in exotic locations’

 .BIG OPPORTUNITY! Please send G20 & EVERY official a simple message: Laser Shield Earth! For the next in Hamburg: poststelle@bundesregierung.de-mail.de To as many UN emails: https://www.un.int/protocol/sites/www.un.int/files/Protocol%20and%20Liaison%20Service/bb305.pdf


Phaethon asteroid laser bees 2017-


Centenarian habits eng

 Some non-alturists, following the rest 3 habits, are heavily supported and reach 100 years, but NOT healthy.  
Since EVERYTHING is electric, we can manage a lot!

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